Our plans moving forward into 2023

A 3D collectible inspiring the world to step into the shvdows and embrace their inner darkness

The Shvdows will plague the world 6,666 unique digital collectibles. Blender 3D was used to perfectly model each Shvdow. Each one is generated uniquely and holders will receive all intellectual property rights for their Shvdow.

We believe that sharing your knowledge in the community will help people to grow together. We plan to develop our community into a place where members exchange exclusive information on crypto currency, upcoming NFT drops and provide a supportive environment for growth. The community is encouraged to embrace their true selves, express their individuality and share their unique perspectives and experiences with the world. 

Remember that the holders channels are a safe place to share ideas and place for positive vibes so people can become better and grow together.

We will launch a merch line for The Shvdows after the mint. Free merch can be earned in the discord by being an active part of the community. Also we will do some merch giveaways in discord and on twitter. Merch will be available for holders and non-holders of The Shvdows Holders will have an exclusive discount on the merchandise.

Entering the dark alley can be a scary experience for many people, as it involves stepping out of one's comfort zone and into an unknown and potentially dangerous environment. However, for those brave enough to take the plunge, the rewards can be great.

The Shvdows will mint a collection of 6,666 Shvdows in multiple phases including a Private & Public Sale

we regret to inform you that specific details related to this phase are currently being redacted and will only be released closer to the launch date.

We understand that you may have questions or concerns about this, but please rest assured that our team is working hard to bring you an exceptional product. Redacting information related to future plans and phases is a common practice that helps us maintain a competitive advantage, solidify our plans, and generate anticipation and excitement around our product.

We appreciate your understanding and patience during this time. As we get closer to the launch date, we will release more information about our upcoming fifth phase.

More coming soon...